2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle-Key Date Coin

2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle to become key date issue

w mintUpdated mintage figures have been announced for the 2012 W burnished silver eagle coin and the news is great for collectors who own them! This issue has been sold out in both variations in which it was offered; the individual coin and the 6 coin annual dollar set.

As of May 5th, the final production number for the 2012 W burnished silver eagle is only 230,872 coins. This sets a record for the 4th lowest minted silver eagle in the entire series across all die formats.

The burnished coin was first introduced into the marketplace back in 2006 as a part of the 20th anniversary 3 coin set. They produced them again in 2007 and 2008 as a solo offer and collectors grew fond of the low mintage numbers and the special collector finish. The Mint stopped offering the burnished silver eagle in 2009 and 2010, and resumed production again in 2011.

We assume the mintage numbers are so low simply because many collectors thought this coin was no longer available. Between the bullion, proof and burnished issues, the burnished coins carry the lowest mintage figures enticing knowing collectors to tuck them away.

The Mint’s announcement of a stop sell for the 2012 issue solidifies this coin in a very coveted category. We have seen the price on this issue jump from the ground floor offering of $100, to some companies are over $170 to own this coin. Unfortunately for those collectors that wait, they will most likely have to pay more in the future.

Here at CoinAdvisor.com, our buyers from time to time secure small hoards of these coins certified by NGC in 69 and 70 in several different label options. We offer these coins only to our preferred customer list. If you would like an opportunity to own this coin, call us at 1-877-540-2646 ext 2. They will not all be listed on our website because we anticipate very fast sellouts any time we bring them in. For pricing and availability, call this number and one of our advisors will explain the different options we have in stock. If you would rather we contact you, simply click here and leave your information and we will be in touch right away.

It is opportunities like this that collectors appreciate. There is nothing like getting a great price on a coin that will certainly become a key date silver eagle.

Happy Collecting from all of us at CoinAdvisor.com



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