2013 Proof Silver Eagles

2013 Proof Silver Eagles Coming Late January

2013 Proof SE OGPThe much anticipated proof edition 2013 Silver American Eagle is set to be released January 24th. The proof Silver Eagle is currently struck at the West Point Mint as they have been since the year 2000. West Point is known for producing some of the U.S. Mint’s finest coins available.

Whether you will be bringing your date-run collection up to date, or buying your first ever proof Silver Eagle, this years issue is certain to be in high demand. The number of Silver Eagle collectors is at an all time high right now making the coins disappear faster than ever before.

Between the two versions of Silver Eagles minted yearly since 1986, the proof always stands as not only the more beautiful coin to own, but also more rare. The Mint only produces a few hundred thousand each year to go around to millions of silver collectors. Simply not enough available which is why the prices on back date issues has been going up as well.

Early Notification and Opportunity

CoinAdvisor.com will be one of the first to be offering NGC and PCGS 2013 Proof Silver Eagles in perfect 70 grade as well as 69 condition. To get on our early notification list, simply click here and enter your contact information and one of our experienced advisors will get in touch as soon as they become available for sale at ground floor pricing.

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