2013 Silver Eagle West Point Two Coin Set

2013 Silver Eagle West Point Two Coin Set on Mint’s Release Schedule

The United States Mint has released a preliminary product release schedule for 2013. In the past, the schedule fills in randomly throughout the year. It appears the Mint has committed to a more organized and anticipated year of releases.

Before we share the product list and expected release dates, we want to expand on one product in particular that already has our interest peaked. Between May and June, the Mint has added a product to their schedule temporarily named the ‘American Eagle West Point Two-Coin Silver Set’. Final product name still to be determined.

It is not sure what this set would commemorate, but last year was also the 75th anniversary of the West Point Mint as well as the San Francisco Mint both being opened back in 1937. Is it possible the Mint is celebrating this anniversary a year behind, or do they have a completely different objective?

Contents of the set are also yet to be determined. It makes sense that they would release a collection similar to the 2012 San Francisco 75th Anniversary set feature the proof and reverse proof Silver Eagles with the S mint mark. If this is the case, then the reverse proof issue would be the only one of it’s kind to bear a W mint mark. Additionally, it would mark the third year in a row that they release an anniversary set featuring silver eagles. As we receive information we will keep our readers posted.

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View the US Mint Product Release Schedule here.

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  1. i have a 2013 silver eagle certified by pcgs ms 69,there seems to be a small (s) scratched in the field on the reverse now this should have been noticed upon certification and mentioned on the card but its not.this doesnt look like its in the plastic holder it seems to have been scratched on the coin. any ideas on how this came to be dave

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