Silver Eagle

New Final Audited Mintage Numbers Released


The U.S. Mint has released some exciting Final Audited Mintage Numbers. Read this article to find out which rare coins just became more rare. Continue reading

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2014 Silver Eagles

2014 Silver Eagle Reverse

2014 Silver Eagles are just around the corner. January is one of the most anticipated times for coin collectors because of the release of mint state bullion silver eagles. If silver stays on an upward run, this will be the … Continue reading

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2013 W Uncirculated Silver Eagle

13'-WBurnished SE

2013 W Uncirculated Silver Eagle to be Released in May The 2013 W uncirculated edition of the silver eagle series is set to be released mid-May. This edition, also referred to as the burnished coin, has been providing collectors with a … Continue reading

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Key Date Low Mintage Silver Eagles


What are the Key Date Low Mintage Silver Eagles in the Series? Each and every day we field calls from collectors asking what the best Silver Eagles to collect are out of the entire series. There are a few resources … Continue reading

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2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle-Key Date Coin

silver eagle for blog

2012 W Burnished Silver Eagle to become key date issue Updated mintage figures have been announced for the 2012 W burnished silver eagle coin and the news is great for collectors who own them! This issue has been sold out in both … Continue reading

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2013 Silver Eagle Release Date


2013 Silver Eagle release date is fast approaching. Get on our early notification list and save up to 10% this year on 2013 Silver American Eagles. Continue reading

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2012 Numismatic Coin Price Increases Likely

gold going up

In light of the recent increases in precious metal values, the US Mint once again is looking to increase their pricing for Platinum, Silver and Gold Numismatic issues. Here are the 2012 mintage figures to date for precious metals releases. Continue reading

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2012-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle is Coming

12'-W Burnished SE

Today, the U.S Mint has made the announcement that collectors will again have the chance to collect the newest edition of the rare Uncirculated Silver Eagle. The collectible version of the bullion silver eagle first entered the market back in 2006 as a part of the 20th Anniversary 3 coin set. It quickly became a highly desired issue by collectors seeking lower minted products. Continue reading

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2012 Proof Silver Eagle Release Date Announcement


The release date has been set for April 12th for the 2012 Silver Eagle Proof Coin. Each and every year, this coin is one of the hottest collectibles available in the marketplace. The mintage figures have been dropping on this issue making it even more appealing to savvy collectors. Get on our early notification list. Continue reading

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25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set Announced


A 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set will be released late October. Five coins will be included in the set with a mintage limit of just 100,000 sets. Click the link to be notified when they are available. Continue reading

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